Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm very discreet... but I will haunt your dreams. (sniff)


Online photo service offers Three Custom 20" x 30" Canvas Printsfor $89.97. Apply coupon code "VDAYCNVS" to cut it to $20 and bag free shipping. That's a savings of $102 and the lowest total price we could find for three canvas prints of this size. (We saw just one of these prints for $25 two years ago.) It's made with fade-resistant UV archival inks. Deal ends February 28.

Frustrated with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, a Philadelphia homeowner took the bank to court under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and won a $1,000 default judgment because it wouldn't answer his formal questions about a dispute. The bank blew him off, so the man got the sheriff to schedule a sale of contents of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage location to pay for the judgment and $200 in court and sheriff's fees.The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the man says he's foreclosed on Wells Fargo.The sales is scheduled to go down March 4, but likely won't happen because Wells Fargo is working to settle the matter, and believed it had already done so last month when it sent the man more than $1,000 to cover the judgment.
The way it currently works is that debt collectors buy five to six year old debts for pennies on the dollar from companies that have already written off ever collecting the debt. Then, the firms, frequently run by attorneys, employ a system of auto-dialers and call center teams to get the cash. They aim to get double what they paid for the debts. Anything after that is just gravy.In some states and counties, the collectors can seek court orders to get debtors to pay, which can result in a civil warrant for the debtor's arrest. Some precincts then apparently have the luxury and manpower to enforce them and a deputy sheriff shows up on the debtor's doorstep and arrests them. The debtor can spend 24-48 hours in jail until their court appearance.Debtors often don't even know that there is a warrant out for their arrest until they get the knock on their door and the bracelets on their wrists.

Consider looking into doing all of these forms for yourself someday:

content farms who analyze popular search trends and then regurgitate content to match those queries. That's why there are stories out there about how to groom troll dolls or other crappy "articles" that may or may not be actually helpful to anyone. This all leads to search results on Google that are irrelevant and uninformative.

Rework your resume. Resumes should advertise your accomplishments rather than responsibilities. Employers value action and ambition over titles. 

Find and own a specialty. It tends to be more lucrative to hone a particular skill to perfection rather than being a generalist with no particular overpowering strength. The best at any profession can command the highest salaries.”

Photoshop – Put your head on famous works of art or paintings

I want a one button approach to turning a webpage into: a pdf document and a jpeg image- none of this push print, wait, type, wait some more= one button or one keyboard shortcut- FASTER

Lesson Learned: Grinding your teeth, bruxism, will eventually lead to a dulling down of your teeth and possibly chipped teeth. When engaging in your fat hatred avoid grinding your teeth. I suggest growling or swearing instead.

Bruxism isn't pretty.

If this is your first time at Casa de Awesome, you have to fight.

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Setup an old box to run Unbutu Linux just for shits and giggles

If you're not careful you can be so distracted your entire life that your miss important opportunities.

I don't turn off my computer. I swtich from typing on my laptop to watching a how to podcast on my desktop computer, finish my train of thought and swtich over to writing code to update one of my websites, back to the desktop to check my RSS feed to see the latest news I setup to aggrigrate from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Nation, the Economist and other sources click on a few articles to open them in tabs saving the URLs to interesting articles and using FTP software to upload them to one of my internet sites, then back to my laptop where I download the URLs and add formatting and accompanying images to make everything that much more spicy


As a monocular (one-eyed) person in the current world, I'm not very disabled. 3D media that depends on binocular vision makes me moreso. Soon I may have a disability created, or at least magnified from a nuisance to a disability, by a tech "breakthrough." Besides my personal stake, I think it's curious that there's a rush to technology that disenfranchises certain users. And very little reporting on that angle. Seems I'm not the only one with a blindside.

Learn to say no more effectively and more often. Time is your most precious commodity and you need to be careful to guard yours effectively.

Gillo Pontecorvo’s 1966 masterpiece, “The Battle of Algiers”

What of the future? Mr McMahon recently observed two Barnes & Noble outlets close to each other in Maryland. The one in a strip mall did less well than the one with no dedicated parking, but near a cycle path and the train. It is surrounded by other shops and restaurants in a sort of town centre, or, as Brandon Palanker of Renaissance Downtowns, a developer, describes it, “a boutique city”. That may be the way ahead.

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