Friday, February 25, 2011

Noam Chomsky's Wisdom

The man himself, Noam Chomsky honors the less intelligent by sharing with us the following wisdom:

It should be mentioned that there's another element to the military-industrial complex issue, which he didn't bring up. At that time, in the 1950s, as he certainly knew, the Pentagon was funding what became -- a lot of Pentagon funding was going into creating what became the next phase of the high-tech economy at that time: computers, micro-electronics, shortly after, the internet. Much of this developed through a Pentagon subsidy funding procurement, other mechanisms. So it was a kind of a cover for shifting -- for a basic theme of contemporary economic development. That is, the public pays the costs and takes the risks, and eventual profit is privatized, in the case of computers and the internet, after decades. So that's another aspect of the military-industrial complex which is worth keeping in mind.

Example/ Observation: Ross Perot – developing software for healthcare records in TX

Reporter Robert Fisk es bueno:
Boeing owns Narus, which is the digital technology that's involved with surveillance of the cell phone, of the internet system there, where they can find dissident voices for the Egyptian regime.

Internship Sites Reported in the Walls Street Journal Years Ago:

Challenge yourself to learn to type faster: 65 WPM is a good goal for now

Try for text to speech

Terms that would make me click on a link from Google results
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