Monday, February 21, 2011

These Things Happen I Suppose

  • Report that you received a serious death threat after publishing a “controversial” something or other with a link to the text
Someone else reported:
In several experiments, Mr Rucker and Mr Dubois planted rumours among undergraduates. They found that with each repetition, scepticism diminished. The rumours themselves did not change; only the likelihood that the students would believe them. These findings were published in a report called “The Failure to Transmit Certainty”.

Adbusters calls for:
Vow never to walk into a Starbucks ever again. Instead, search out the most interesting indie coffee shop around where you live and work … get to know the people who own and run the place and get your friends and co-workers to join you there. Individually this may feel like a drop in the bucket, but if all of us do it collectively, then we can begin to shift power from megacorporations to our friends and neighbors.
Tweet #NOSTARBUCKS, Facebook it, email it, whisper it to a friend or shout it from the rooftops. Spread the word and let’s start brewing the mood for a worldwide revolution.

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