Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Should be Investigated by Government Oversight Groups for Theft

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FNO: Shirking official responsibilities for supposedly lofty goals shall forever be known as pulling a Wisconsin Democratic State Senator

FNO: Union busting shall forever be known as pulling a Wisconsin Governor

Goal: It is my goal to add more kinds of literary related materials to this site in the future including inspirational materials, newspaper and journal articles and information on contemporary and past authors worth knowing. Additionally, if I can summon the required effort, I plan to someday host an annual writing contest here.

Hassle of the Week: I had to call Citi to dispute a bullshit charge today from These scammers charged my credit card without my authorization.  These pricks aren't even scam artists- that would imply that there is something artful about their methods- these people are thieves who prey on folks that don't check their credit card statements.  


  1. scoresense

    scoresense should be renamed scare(the(sense)outofone! They steal money from person's accounts and continue even when asked to cease and desist!

    It is time for the government to interfere again in the free license some businesses display when cheating people out of money.


  2. Yep Scoresense is definitely an internet scam. Should have a class action lawsuit filed against them.